a conference at the center for 21st century studies university of wisconsin milwaukee

      october 4 - 5, 2002

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Keynote Address by Elaine Scarry


  The conference, which took place in the context of a year of research sponsored by the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee on the broad subject of “war,” focused on three central aspects of the post-9/11 situation: the ethics of international conflict; the media and cultural representations of 9/11 and its aftermath; and memory and commemoration as pervasive elements of the urban landscape, national myth, and public discourse.

conference organizer: Daniel J. Sherman
conference coordinator: Carol Tennessen


A “Conversation with Reporters” featuring

Shaila Dewan (New York Times)
Beth Fertig (WNYC)
Brooke Gladstone (NPR’s On the Media)
moderator: David Allen


Round Tables




on international law and ethics, with
Sohail Hashmi
Stanley Hoffmann
Stephen Toope
Michael Walzer
moderator: Terry Nardin


"I was able to attend the Saturday afternoon session. It was a great experience for me. You and your center made a great contribution to Milwaukee. I hope you get the recognition you deserve."
James Godsil, President, Community Roofing

"I want to thank everyone involved in making the conference a success for a first-rate experience. The meeting had the right mix of participants and audience members--not too large and not too limited. I came back with lots of new ideas, questions,
and answers--just the right stimulation one wants to take away from such a meeting."
Brigitte Nacos, Columbia University

The conference on 9/11 Reconstructions was sponsored by the Center for 21st Century Studies, College of Letters and Science, with support from the Graduate School, UWM Union Sociocultural Programming, and Radio Station WUWM, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, and is made possible by additional funding from the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs.

Conference Schedule

on the media, with
Henry Jenkins
Douglas Kellner
Brigitte Nacos
Sasha Torres
moderator: Jane Gallop

on commemoration and the urban fabric, with
Michele H. Bogart
Laura Kurgan
Kirk Savage
moderator: Daniel Sherman