In Terms of GENDER
Crosscultural and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

a conference at the
Center for 21st Century Studies
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

conference organizers:
Joan W. Scott, Mary Louise Roberts, and Daniel J. Sherman
conference coordinator:
Kate Kramer

The conference examined the uses and valences of the term "gender" a generation after its first appearance in scholarly discourse. scholars from a number of fields discussed the ways gender has "translated" into their own disciplinary perspectives. Participants addressed such questions as: how has the study of gender, either independently or in conjunction with other axes of difference such as race, class, and sexuality, inflected existing fields of study and created new ones? To what extent has "gender" modified or reinforced related paradigms such as womens’ and queer studies, or conversely been modified by them? With what discursive politics does the term engage, and with what effects? In what settings, and through what kinds of operations and transformations, can gender remain a "useful category" in the twenty-first century?

4 May 2007 Friday

Sex and Gender
Lynne Huffer (Emory University): Feminism’s Prodigal Children
Gayle Salamon (Princeton University):
Transgenderism and the Liberal Subject
Moderator: Mary Louise Roberts (UW-Madison)

Engaging Power
Carol E. Quillen (Rice University):
Gender and the Subject of History
Mrinalini Sinha (Penn State University):
Historically Speaking: Gender and Contingency in Colonial India
Elizabeth Weed (Brown University):
Michel Foucault, Joan W. Scott, and the Consolation of Power
Moderator: Merry Wiesner-Hanks (UWM)

Judith Butler (University of California-Berkeley):
Joan’s Arc: Speaking Up, Talking Back, and Other Career Trajectories

5 May 2007 Saturday
Hefter Conference Center

Gender and Democracy
Éric Fassin (École normale supérieure, Paris):
A Double-Edged Sword: Sexual Democracy vs. Religions
Elora Shehabuddin (Rice University):
Gender at the "Grassroots":
Islamist Politics, NGOs, and Democracy in Bangladesh
Moderator: Anne Hansen (UWM)

Subversive Strategies
Jeff Nunokawa (Princeton University):
Feminizing Reification: The Case of Dickens
Mary Louise Roberts (UW-Madison):
Out of their Orbit:
Celebrities and Eccentrics in Nineteenth-Century France
Moderator: Kumkum Sangari (UWM)

Visualizing Gender
Janis Bergman-Carton (Southern Methodist University):
"Convulsive Beauty":
The Gendering of Print Technology in the French fin-de-siècle
Mary Ann Doane (Brown University):
Screening the Avant-Garde Face
Mary Sheriff (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill):
Seeing Beyond the Norm: Interpreting Gender in the Visual Arts
Moderator: Daniel J. Sherman (UWM)

Closing Remarks
Wendy Brown (University of California-Berkeley)
Jane Gallop (UWM)
Joan W. Scott (Institute for Advanced Study)
Moderator: Joan W. Scott

A volume of essays growing out of the conference will be prepared for the Center ’s book series 21st Century Studies with Indiana University Press.

The conference In Terms of Gender is sponsored by the Center for 21st Century Studies, college of Letters and Science, with support from the graduate school, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, the William F. Vilas Trust, Cultural Services of the French Embassy, and the Center for European Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison.



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