Anthropology, Genetic Diversity, and Ethics 
A workshop at the Center for Twentieth Century Studies  
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee   

February 12-13, 1999  
Organized by Trudy Turner 

Welcome and Introduction by Trudy Turner 
Anthropology Newsletter Report 

Session Transcripts:  

Workshop Bibliography 

This website contains transcripts of the talks presented at the workshop.  Some transcripts may be incomplete.  Participants were given the option of editing their transcripts.

This site is dedicated to 
Frank Dukepoo
The workshop took place at the UWM Hefter Center,
3271 North Lake Drive, Milwaukee.
Sponsored by the Department of Anthropology and
the Center for Twentieth Century Studies,
College of Letters and Science, with support from
the Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
the American Association of Anthropological Genetics,
and the Center for the Study of Bioethics, Medical College
of Wisconsin, and made possible by a grant from the
National Science Foundation.
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