Anthropology, Genetic Diversity, and Ethics 

Workshop Program

12 February 1999, Friday
Registration 12:30 pm

Session I 1:00-4:00 pm
Issues Relating to Population Identification

1.  Who should identify human groups for genetic study: scientists, group
representatives or governments?
2.  Should researchers try to avoid using socially defined group
boundaries in designing genetic studies?  Why or why not?
3.  What about nested human groups in which research on a part may have
implications for the whole?

           John Moore
           Frank Dukepoo
           Eric Juengst
           Mike Bamshad

Coffee Break 4:00-4:15 pm

Session II 4:15-5:45 pm
Ancient DNA: A special case of population identification

           Frederika Kaestle
           Dennis O'Rourke

Friday Evening at the Park East Hotel

Cash Bar 6:30 pm
Dinner 7:00 pm (Ontario/Michigan Room)

           Alice Martin, JD, PhD 
           8:00 pm Ontario/Michigan Room

Dr. Martin has conducted genetic research on the Hutterites and is
currently a patent attorney with Barnes and Thornburg.

13 February 1999, Saturday
Session III
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Issues Relating to Informed Consent

1.  What does "informed consent" mean when both group and individual are
2.  What collective risks and potential benefits should be disclosed for
genetic diversity research
3.  What methods of community consultation are effective in securing
informed, voluntary group participation?
4.  Does permission from the national, state or local government to
conduct a project have meaning for the particular population studied?
5.  How should researchers deal with ex-patriate communities whose views
about participating in genetic diversity research differ from their
community of origin?
6.  To what extent can group retain the traditional rights of individuals
to confidentiality and free withdrawal from research in genetic diversity?

           Henry Greely
           Albert Flores
           Charmaine Royal
           Morris Foster

Lunch at the Hefter Center 12:00-1:00 pm

Session IV 1:00-3:30 pm
Successful Research Collaborations 

1.  How have successful interactions between populations and researchers
been achieved?
2.  How can the culture of the population be taken into account in the
design and implementation of these projects?

           Lynn Jorde/Dr. Naidu
           Jonathan Friedlaender
           Jeffrey Long

Coffee Break 3:30-4:00 pm

Session V 4:00-5:30 pm
Issues Relating to Research Outcomes

1. What commercial reciprocity arrangements are realistic and
2. Should the social identities of participating groups be disclosed in
           Henry Greely
           Jonathan Friedlaender
           Morris Foster
           Jeffrey Long

Dinner at John Ernst Restaurant 7:00 pm