Sukanya Banerjee
Department of English

End-of-Year Fellowship Report for 2003-04

During her fellowship year at the Center, Sukanya Banerjee worked on her book-length project that examines the idea of imperial citizenship in late nineteenth-early twentieth century England and India. Based on the work completed while at the Center, she will present papers at the following conference venues: South Asian Studies Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison; North American Victorian Studies Association Conference, University of Toronto; South Asian Studies Conference, University of California-Berkeley. In June 2005, she will give a talk at the University of Oxford, as part of the Fin de Siècle Seminar Series. While at the Center, her essay, “Lady Mary Montagu and the Boundaries of ‘Europe’” was published in Gender, Genre, and Identity in Women’s Travel Writing edited by Kristi Siegel (New York: Peter Lang, 2004).  She also coauthored the introduction to a special issue of Cultural Dynamics.

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