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Current and former C21 fellows and staff

September 2017

Kennan Ferguson, former C21 director
UW Press logo

Former C21 director Kennan Ferguson (Political Science) has been appointed as the UW System representative of the University of Wisconsin Press Committee, the editorial board that oversees and approves the UW Press. Congratulations, Kennan!

August 2017

Ryan Holifield, former C21 fellow
Routledge logo

Ryan Holifield (2010-11) served as co-editor (with Jayajit Chakraborty and Gordon Walker) of the recently published Routledge Handbook of Environmental Justice. The handbook presents an extensive and cutting-edge introduction to the diverse, rapidly growing body of research on pressing issues of environmental justice and injustice. Congratulations to Ryan!

June 2017

Katherine Paugh, former C21 fellow
The Politics of Reproduction book cover

Katherine Paugh (15-16) had her book, The Politics of Reproduction: Race, Disease, and Fertility in the Age of Abolition, published by Oxford University Press. The book addresses anew the frequently debated question of whether abolitionism was understood by contemporaries as economically beneficial to the British Empire, while also making new claims about the importance of Britain's colonies in the emergence of population as a political problem. Portions of the book were written during her fellowship year at the Center. Congratulations, Katherine!

May 2017

Tracey Heatherington and Bernard Perley, former C21 fellows
Crop Trust logo

Former C21 fellows Tracey Heatherington (13-14) and Bernard Perley (07-08, 15-16) got to take a peek inside the famed Global Seed Bank in Svalbard, Norway (before there was some flooding in May). Here are some of their notes: "Fieldnotes from Svalbard: How Global Dreamings Take Root in the Arctic Frontier," EuropeNow Journal (Issue 7, May 2017).

April 2017

Stuart Moulthrop, former C21 fellow
Traversals book cover

In April, former C21 fellow Stuart Moulthrop (14-15), with Dene Grigar, published Traversals: The Use of Preservation for Early Electronic Writing with The MIT Press. The book continues Moulthrop's work of documenting and preserving electronic literature—specifically those works that are now largely inaccessible because of changes in hardware, software, and platforms—by examining four influential early works (Judy Malloy’s Uncle Roger [1986], John McDaid’s Uncle Buddy’s Phantom Funhouse [1993], Shelley Jackson’s Patchwork Girl [1995], Bill Bly’s We Descend [1997]), and offering “deep readings” that consider the works as both literary artifacts and computational constructs.

April 2017

Thomas Haigh, former C21 fellow
Business History Conference logo

Former C21 fellow Thomas Haigh (08-09) was presented with two awards at the 2017 Business History Conference for his co-authored article, "IBM Rebuilds Europe: The Curious Case of the Transnational Typewriter" in Enterprise & Society 17, no. 2 (June 2016), 265-300. His first award was the Scranton Prize for the best overall article in Enterprise & Society and the second was the Wilkins Prize for the best article in the same journal dealing with international or comparative topics. Congratulations, Thomas!

March 2017

Ali Sperling, former C21 deputy director
LARB logo

Former C21 deputy director Ali Sperling has a review of a recent volume of essays, The Age of Lovecraft (ed., Carl H. Sederholm and Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock), in the LA Review of Books. Her review essay is titled "Acknowledgment is Not Enough: Coming to Terms With Lovecraft’s Horrors." Nice going, Ali!

March 2017

Rebecca Dunham, former C21 fellow
Cold Pastoral cover

Congratulations to former C21 fellow Rebecca Dunham (2011-12) whose book of poetry, Cold Pastoral, was published by Milkwood Editions. Portions of the book were written during her fellowship year.

February 2017

Marcus Filippello, former C21 fellow
Nature of the Path cover

Former C21 fellow Marcus Filippello (2013-14) had his book, The Nature of the Path: Reading a West African Road, published with the University of Minnesota Press. Portions of the book were written during his fellowship year. Congratulations, Marcus!

February 2017

Michael Z. Newman, former C21 fellow
Atari Age book cover (detail)

Kudos to former fellow Michael Z. Newman (2011-12) who had his book Atari Age: The Emergence of Video Games in America published by MIT Press. Portions of his book were written during his fellowship year at the Center.

December 2016

Kennan Ferguson, C21 director
Perspectives on Politics cover

C21 director Kennan Ferguson's article, “Why Does Political Science Hate American Indians?,” was featured on the cover of the December 2016 Perspectives on Politics, a journal of the American Political Science Association.

The article was part of the issue's Reflections Symposium which also included six pieces by other scholars, followed by Kennan’s response.

September 2016

Ivan Ascher, former C21 fellow
Zone Books logo

Former fellow Ivan Ascher (2014-15) had his book, Portfolio Society: On the Capitalist Mode of Prediction, published in MIT Press's Zone Books/Near Futures series. Portions of his book were written during his fellowship year. Congratulations!

September 2016

Amanda Seligman, former C21 fellow
Cropped image from book cover

New! Former fellow Amanda Seligman (01-02) has just published her latest book, Chicago's Block Clubs: How Neighbors Shape the City, with The University of Chicago Press. Nice going, Amanda!

August 2016

Christine Evans, former C21 fellow
Image from book cover

In August, Yale University Press published Christine Evans' book, Between Truth and Time: A History of Soviet Central Television. Portions of the book were written during her fellowship year with C21, 2012-13. Congratulations, Christine!

February 2016

Thomas Haigh, former C21 fellow
Portion of ENIAC book cover

Congratulations to former C21 fellow Thomas Haigh on the publication of his co-authored book, ENIAC in Action: Making and Remaking the Modern Computer, with MIT Press.

February 2016

Richard Grusin, former C21 director
UCI School of Humanities logo

Former C21 director Richard Grusin is presenting "Datamediation, Citizenfour, and the Affectivity of Surveillance" through the Critical Theory department at UC-Irvine, February 4.

February 2016

Nathaniel Stern, former C21 fellow
Betwixt Festival logo

Former C21 fellow Nathaniel Stern is presenting an interactive talk on his book, Art & Embodiment: The Implicit Body as Performance, at the Betwixt Festival, February 25 - March 1, 2016, in Singapore. His talk is entitled "Affect, Art, and Politics: Embodied and Ecological Practices with Digital Media."

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