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Spring 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Frances Ferguson (English, Chicago)
Frances Ferguson
When We All Became Writers (around 1800)
Second Annual Literature and Cultural Theory Lecture
2:00 pm Curtin 368
cosponsored with the UWM English Department

In the late eighteenth century, education began to move away from an emphasis on oratory to an emphasis on writing. We tend to associate this shift with an increasing movement away from face-to-face contact and toward the printed page. It involved other things as well. This lecture will trace some of those others, and will particularly try to explain why rewriting had the prominence it did.

Frances Ferguson's research interests include the literary field of the eighteenth century and Romanticism as it altered over a period of a hundred years or so (the rise of criticism and reviewing, the changes in the relationship between poetry and the novel); the history of reading and practical criticism; the rise of mass education; the importance of Dissent in educated and educational thought in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She is the author of Pornography, The Theory: What Utilitarianism Did To Action and Solitude and the Sublime: Romanticism and the Aesthetics of Individuation.

Brown bag lunch discussion
Monday, April 15
2:00 pm Curtin 939
Background reading: Frances Ferguson, "Writing and Orality around 1800: 'Speakers,' 'Readers,' and Wordsworth's 'The Thorn,'" Wordsworth's Poetic Theory, Alexander Regier and Stefan H. Ulig, ed., (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010)

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