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Spring 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013
Public Engagement, Community Collaboration, and Participatory Research
With Anna Mansson McGinty (Geography, Women's Studies), Caroline Seymour-Jorn (FICL), and Kristin M. Sziarto (Geography)
A Workshop in 21st Century Studies
12:00 noon Curtin 939

Anna Mansson McGinty (Geography and Women’s Studies), Caroline Seymour-Jorn (Comparative Literature), and Kristin M Sziarto (Geography) will share their work on the Muslim Milwaukee Project, discussing the difficulties and benefits of community collaboration.

To prepare for discussion, we encourage attendees to read, “Researching within and against Islamophobia: a collaboration project with Muslim Communities.” The article raises many of the questions that the workshop will address: how to collaborate with and conduct research on a community that faces bigotry on a regular basis, how to balance community building with academic research, how local politics shape participatory research projects, and how shared positionalities work across differences.

Attendees should come to the workshop with questions about their own research, teaching, and practices, as the workshop will be an opportunity to talk about publically engaged scholarship more broadly.

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