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Fall 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Film Screening: Double Play
Movie image, Double Play
On the friendship between two iconic American filmmakers, Richard Linklater and James Benning
Directed by Gabe Klinger (2013)
7:00 pm UWM Union Theatre

The documentary Double Play examines the friendship of two iconic American filmmakers, Richard Linklater (of recent Boyhood fame) and James Benning (renowned durational experimental filmmaker and native Milwaukeean). It explores the relationship and affinities betwen two very distinct voices in American independent and experimental film, respectively, who have been friends since 1985.

Shot in a series of conversations between the two filmmakers in Austin, Texas, as they discuss their approaches to filmmaking and their artistic preoccupations, the film also uses archival material to draw connections and contrasts across their works. The film won best documentary about cinema at the Venice Film Festival in 2013, and has shown widely at international film festivals.

Cosponsored by the UWM Art History Department, Film Department, Film Studies Program, and Center for 21st Century Studies

Double Play trailer (YouTube)

David Hudson, "Gabe Klinger’s DOUBLE PLAY: JAMES BENNING AND RICHARD LINKLATER," Fandor/Keyframe.

Stephen Dalton, "Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater: Venice Review," The Hollywood Reporter

Also of note
Double Play is the centerpiece in a three-night series of films which includes Linklater's Slacker and a new program of work by Benning, December 2 - 4, at the UWM Union Theatre.

Slacker movie poster Slacker
Tuesday, December 2
7:00 pm UWM Union Theatre
Richard Linklater (USA, English, 97 min, Digital Video, 1991)

Acclaimed director Richard Linklater’s first widely distributed feature film, Slacker archives the drop-out, post-collegiate, bohemian culture of his home town Austin, Texas. Following the meandering itinerary of a collection of musicians, students, eccentrics, artists, intellectuals, ramblers, conspiracy theorists, everyday philosophers and malcontents, the camera, a flaneur of its own, takes us peripatetically into the musings of the generation branded by Douglas Rushkoff as Gen X.

2 x Benning: signs + FAROCKI
Thursday, December 4
7:00 pm UWM Union Theatre

Two new videos from James Benning—each exchanges of a sort that testify to histories and affinities in the way that acknowledgments and tributes do.

signs (HD video, color/silent, 18min., 2014): a silent parade of stills showing dozens of cardboard signs asking for money, food, and kindness | a catalogue of a collection, sustained by Andres Serrano.

FAROCKI (HD video, color/silent, 77min., 2014): a film, or maybe also a space, made as a gift for a friend. Benning’s current project, Thirty-One Friends, is a series of such presents, the artist working across media (paintings, drawings, silkscreens, photographs, films) to offer thirty-one works of art, gifts all, to thirty-one friends.

Presented by the UWM Department of Film/Video/Animation/New Genres​.

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