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Spring 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015
#BlackLivesMatterMilwaukee Teach-In
#BlackLivesMatter on Tumblr
With Anne Bonds

Robert Samuel Smith
(History, Cultures and Communities)

organized by Ahmed Teleb
(grad student, Political Science)

3:30 pm Curtin 175

The #BlackLivesMatterUWMKE forum of January 30 identified challenges and opportunities for UWM to join in racial justice movements in Milwaukee, and highlighted the impact of neighborhood on economic opportunity and quality of life.

The history of redlining, race covenants, predatory lending, and the Fair Housing & Community Reinvestment Acts are important in understanding the geography of opportunity.

This #BlackLivesMatterMilwaukee teach-in looks to raise awareness of the intersection of segregation and government policy, and to begin a series of conversations around it.

Anne Bonds is assistant professor of geography at UW-Milwaukee. Her research interests include Race & Geography and Economic Geography. She has taught classes on the Geography of Race, Economic Geography, and Urban Geography.

Robert Samuel Smith is associate professor of history at UW-Milwaukee. His research interests include African American History, Civil Rights, and Race and the Law. He has taught courses on African Americans & the Legal Process, African American History, and on the African Diaspora.


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