Curricular Projects
Curricular Initiative expansion for graduate students

The Center for 21st Century Studies seeks to promote graduate student involvement with its activities, promote faculty-student interaction, and help graduate students in their careers through its Curricular Project. With the help of department liaisons for the Curricular Initiative we seek to identify graduate students interested in meeting Center visitors for a formal conversation/interview in the context of the visit. The student will then use his/her notes, combine these with other materials (e.g., his/her familiarity with the speaker's work), and write a short paper that the Center may, at its discretion, publish on its website. The paper, which may also be submitted for credit in a university course, could focus on the speaker's entire body of work, highlight the project the speaker presented at the Center, or be essentially an annotated write-up of the student's conversation with the speaker.

The Center encourages department liaisons and graduate students consult the Center's Calendar of Events and let us know if a student would like to meet with a Center speaker.

For further information, please contact John Blum or Mary Mullen.

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