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As a postdoctoral research center, the Center for 21st Century Studies has several initiatives that foster interdisciplinary research in the humanities.

Through a yearly competition, the Center constitutes a group of six to eight UWM faculty, plus at least one external faculty, whose research relates to the Center’s biannual research theme. Fellowships are awarded to support research projects in the humanities, as well as humanistically oriented projects in the social and natural sciences.

Transdisciplinary Challenges for 21st Century Studies
With ongoing funding from Chancellor Michael Lovell, and an initial two-year contribution from the Graduate School, the Center for 21st Century Studies’ Transdisciplinary Challenge Award encourages collaborative research projects that bring together UWM researchers from our traditional constituencies in the humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences with researchers from natural, physical, and quantitative social sciences.

This initiative is designed to prompt researchers from any disciplinary background to think in unexpected and untried ways about working with researchers in disciplines whose methodology, content, and institutional practices are unfamiliar to them. Although this is not the kind of research with which most academics have experience, we are convinced that this kind of research will become increasingly prevalent and necessary in the 21st century. The aim of this award is not only to generate new research approaches to the complex problems of the 21st century but also to provide models for how researchers from disciplines that do not have a history of collaboration can work together to meet the complex, heterogeneous challenges of the 21st century.

Please consult our Transdisciplinary Challenge pages for details about the award and descriptions of previously awarded projects.

Question of Gender book cover The Center's broad range of publications confirms its leadership in the academic community in the United States and abroad. The books in the Center's series, 21st Century Studies (formerly Theories of Contemporary Culture), with Indiana University Press are site specific; they are authored by scholars affiliated with the Center or originate from conferences sponsored by the Center. The Center also publishes a series on online Working Papers for faculty and an online Occasional Papers series for graduate students.

In social media, UWM faculty, C21 staff, and other invited guests write about Center events through our blog; we post videos of select speakers on our YouTube channel; upcoming events and other bits of information are posted on our Facebook page; photographs of events and event-related projects appear on both Facebook and Instagram; and we are known to condense difficult concepts into 140-character transmissions via our Twitter account, @center21.

C21 Research Workshop Research Workshops bring together faculty, staff, and independent scholars from UWM and other local institutions to discuss common interests across disciplinary lines. Workshops are open to UWM faculty and academic staff, and to researchers in the field from outside UWM.

Every two years the Center designates a theme that lends itself to multidisciplinary study as the subject for its research. Around this theme we present a full program of public lectures, seminars, symposia, and conferences.

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