Workshop: Early Modern Group

First organized in Fall 2001, the early modern group provides a forum for interdisciplinary discussion among faculty members with research interests in the early modern period (ca. 1500-1800). Participating faculty are drawn from a number of departments: Art History, English, French, History, the Honors Program, Music, Philosophy, and Spanish. The group is composed of UWM faculty members as well as faculty from other institutions in the area such as Marquette, Lawrence, and UW-Whitewater. Testifying to the relatively expansive and porous boundaries of the period, the research interests of group members encompass a wide range of disciplinary, geographic, and chronological contexts (e.g., the medieval period).

The group typically holds three meetings each semester. In the past, our 90-minute meetings have discussed a pre-circulated work-in-progress from a group member. Papers have treated a range of topics: suicide in eighteenth-century France, Descartes's theories of vision, Luther and sexuality, internal colonialism in early modern England, and the materiality of voice in English Renaissance drama. In addition, the group will host invited speakers beginning in Fall 2003.

Spring 2010 Schedule

Wednesday, April 28
3:30 pm Curtin 939
A discussion of "the passions" and to plan next year's schedule
Reading: Dennis Diderot's Encyclopedie entry on "the passions":

The early modern group welcomes new participants; please contact one of the coordinators.

Barrett Kalter, English
Tanya Tiffany, Art History
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