Workshop: Feminist Theory

The Feminist Theory Research Workshop aims to bring together feminist scholars from across disciplines to read and discuss recent works in feminist theory and to cultivate members' research programs as these relate to feminist theory. Themes that we have explored in recent semesters include post-feminism, class, and labor; Third Wave feminism; Queer Theory; the history and future of Women's Studies; feminism and pedagogy; gender and professionalization; and feminist perspectives on care and dependency.

Recent readings have included excerpts from Sara Ahmed’s The Promise of Happiness and Laurent Berlant’s The Female Complaint, as well as papers by Wendy Brown, Eva Feder-Kittay, Sarah Projansky, Joan W. Scott, Michelle Sidler, Audrey Thompson and Andrew Gitlin, Robyn Wiegman, and others. Several participants have also presented their own works-in-progress.

In earlier semesters the group focused on themes such as feminism and multiculturalism, transnational feminisms, and feminism and postcoloniality, and read works by Chandra Mohanty, Susan Moller Okin, Seyla Benhabib, and others.

The workshop meets approximately once a month, with topics and readings chosen in advance by members. The group comprises faculty and graduate students from English, Sociology, Education, History, Political Science, Nursing, Philosophy, Journalism and Mass Communication, Comparative Literature, Anthropology, and Women's Studies. We also have participants from the Women's and LGBT Resource Centers at UWM and from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. We welcome participants from other departments and disciplines. Readings are typically made available through D2L. Please contact the coordinators listed below for further details.

Fall 2014 Schedule

Revolution at Point Zero book cover
Friday, October 31
12 noon Curtin Hall 939
A discussion of Silvia Federici, Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction and Feminist Struggle (PM Press, 2012)

The book can be ordered through the publisher.

Elena Gorfinkel, Art History
Xin Huang, Women's Studies
Dalia Gomaa, Women's Studies
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