Graduate Student Professionalization Workshop Series
Audience at American Geographical Society Library

The C21 Graduate Student Professionalization Workshop Series supports graduate students from all disciplines in their academic professional development.

Upcoming events for 2015-16:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

3:30 pm, Curtin 368

Applying for an Interdisciplinary Job in an Interdisciplinary World: How To Un-Discipline Yourself

This panel will discuss what you can do to prepare yourself for an interdisciplinary academic job market, not only in your job market materials, but early on in and throughout your academic career.

Featured Speakers:
Annie McClanahan (English)
Jenna Loyd (Public Health)
Andrea Westlund (Philosophy)
Anne Bonds (Geography)

Coming in Spring 2016

Grad Level Research: What, How, and Keeping It Organized

Alt-Ac (Alternative to Academic) Career Paths

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