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CABHR offers scientists access to the following software for data collection and management:

Questionnaire Development System (QDS; Nova Research, Inc.)
CABHR’s version of QDS allows data to be collected using computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI), computer-assisted self-interview (CASI), or audio computer-assisted self-interview (ACASI) formats and can be run on laptop or desktop systems. Data are managed in QDS’ Warehouse module. The use of skip rules, skip and fill rules, range-checking, and calculations during data collection contributes to high-quality data requiring little cleaning.

Teleform (Verity, Inc.)
With Teleform, CABHR scientists can quickly create professional looking surveys for administration and then, using CABHR’s high-speed scanner, scan, clean, and archive the data quickly. In addition to paper and pencil forms, Teleform can also be used to collect data via fax and for simple web-based surveys.

The Observer (Noldus, Inc.)
“The Observer” software is available for the collection and analysis of direct observational data including interviews or observations recorded on audiotape or videotape.

DatStat Illume (DatStat, Inc)
DatStat Illume is a sophisticated package used to conduct web-based surveys and manage the resulting data. Easy to use, DatStat offers the same quality checks available in QDS, resulting in data of very high quality.

PDA/Pocket PC
Data collection applications using direct observation and pocket PCs are individually programmed using embedded Visual Basic or Visual C++.