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Event: Social Science Analytics Using SAS®


The first annual "Social Science Analytics using SAS®" event will be held on August 29-30, 2013 at UW-Milwaukee. The program features presentations on Big Data Analytics and Social Sciences, Data Mining using SAS Enterprise Miner™, and UWM's new Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Analysis using SAS®. The presentations are open for academic and non-academic attendees.

Additional training opportunities will be offered exclusively to students, staff and faculty from academic institutions. The following topics will be covered in a series of hands-on workshops and presentations:

  • Data Visualization using SAS/GRAPH and ODS (Mike Speed, SAS)
  • Statistics using SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Mixed Models (Mike Speed, SAS)
  • Introduction to SAS/IML Software (Rick Wicklin, SAS)
  • Simulating Data with SAS (Rick Wicklin, SAS)
  • Data Analysis and Graphics using JMP (Mike Speed, SAS)

Thank you for your interest in our Social Science Analytics using SAS® event.  Registration is now closed.

If you would like to learn more about UWM's Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Analysis using SAS®, please visit our website or contact the Certificate Coordinator Dr. Daniel Fuhrmann at