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Susan Rose, Ph.D.

CABHR scientist and professor, HBSSW

Dr. Rose joined the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faculty and CABHR in 1992. Her teaching responsibilities include the areas of mental health and advanced practice. In collaboration with Steven L. McMurtry, Ph.D., she also directs the Child Welfare Training Program. Dr. Rose earned her doctorate from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

Her research interests include child neglect, use of rapid assessment measures in practice, and alcohol and other drug abuse treatment. Dr. Rose was recently principal investigator on the Keeping Families Together (KFT) study, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. KFT examined the substance abuse, child welfare, and health care service needed for mothers and pregnant women in jail and as they transition to the community. She was the co-principal investigator with Dr. Audrey Begun on the Supporting Jails in Providing Drug Abuse Services for Women project, conducted in Milwaukee-area jails and co-principal investigator on the Heart to Heart study with Dr. Laura Otto-Salaj. Dr. Rose has extensive clinical experience in community mental health and family-based service-delivery systems in child welfare.

In addition, Dr. Rose serves as the Chair of the School’s International Studies Committee and academic advisor to the Bristol International Credit Earning Program and the Summer Study Abroad in Austria course. The Bristol course is a two-week course in comparative public policy in England and the Austria course, a similar course in comparative public policy and practice, is offered in partnership with Upper Austria University. 

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