University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
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Milwaukee, WI 53201
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Who We Are

Based in the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, CABHR is a consortium of public and private organizations led by academic scientists with broad interest in the addictions and behavioral health. Our interdisciplinary team conducts cutting edge epidemiological, intervention, and clinical research, and provides treatment resources to Milwaukee residents in the process.

Established in 1991 by Allen Zweben, D.S.W., now at Columbia University, CABHR has a history of pursuing research with important implications for addiction treatment and public policy. CABHR is currently led by Director Michael Fendrich, Ph.D., who joined the center in 2005.

Our scientists maintain collaborative partnerships in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, across the nation and around the world.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to research that informs substance abuse and mental health treatment and policy.

Our mission is accomplished by conducting activities that are tied to four main objectives:

  1. Promoting and conducting multidisciplinary, applied research on substance abuse and mental health;
  2. Soliciting extramural funding sources to develop, conduct, and sustain these research efforts;
  3. Training researchers in state-of-the-art applied research practices;
  4. Developing collaborative research partnerships with other academic institutions, policy makers, community organizations, and service providers.

Collaborative Edge: The Benefits of Partnering with CABHR

CABHR provides intellectual, administrative, and financial resources for developing and executing cutting-edge epidemiological, intervention, and clinical research proposals related to our mission. Working with our center gives you access to the diverse substantive and methodological expertise of our core members, and provides opportunities for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.

Collaborating with CABHR on grant submissions provides:

  • Support for critical pilot work through provision of seed money
  • Direct access to experts and technical/scientific staff (including faculty, staff scientists, and advanced graduate students) with detailed knowledge and experience in:
    • The development of fundable research ideas/proposals
    • Sampling and study design
    • Data collection and methodology
    • Manualization of interventions
    • Project implementation and management
    • Data analysis and interpretation of results
  • Direct assistance with all stages of proposal preparation:
    • Internal review of research proposals and informed feedback
    • “Hands on” assistance with preparation of budgets/business portions of proposals
    • Assistance with completion of federal forms
    • Preparation and submissions of protocols for the institutional review board
  • Direct assistance with all stages of proposal implementation through assistance with:
    • Participant tracking database development
    • Project staffing and recruitment and personnel management
    • Data collection/subject recruitment
    • Data management
    • Data analysis
    • Interpretation of statistical results
    • Dissemination of scientific findings
    • Preparation of manuscripts, conference abstracts, and preliminary local presentations
  • Direct assistance with all stages of project management
    • Ongoing budgetary tracking and regulatory compliance monitoring
    • Assistance with preparation and submission of progress reports