Spine Biomechanics Laboratory

 Spine Biomechanics Laboratory


"Validation of a General Injury Prediction Algorithm"
Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan, Madiha Ahmed, Karen Cooper
Aimed to develop and validate a sorting algorithm linking
information from the OSHA recordable injury logs to the
job titles most injured and highlight the risk factors
most in need of intervention efforts.

"A Survey of Computer Usage and Ergonomic
Practices Among Faculty at a University with
a Mandatory Mobile PC Program"
Cooper K., Campbell-Kyureghyan N., Sommerich C.
Aimed to evaluate the relationship between the
computer usage and self-reported pain among
university faculty with a mandatory mobile PC

"Chronic Pain and Employee Experience as a
Starting Point for Ergonomic Evaluations"
Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan and Madiha Ahmed
Aimed to develop a methodology for identifying chronic
pain among employees using a self reported questionnaire.

"Comparison of Bilateral Kinematics and Kinetics
During Sit-To-Stand and Stand-To-Sit Between Healthy
Subjects and Unilateral Knee Osteoarthritis Patients"

David R. Burnett, MS, Naira H. Campbell-Kyureghyan, PhD,
Robert V. Topp, PhD, Peter M. Quesada, PhD

Objective is to quantify and compare bilateral kinematics
and kinetics during Sit-To-Stand and Stand-To-Sit in
healthy subjects and unilateral knee osteoarthritis patients.

Kneeling study

Spine modeling

Bus operators study

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