Spine Biomechanics Laboratory
Spine Biomechanics Laboratory Tools & Resources
  • Industrial Lumbar Motion Monitor (iLMM) is an external spine exoskeleton to be worn in the field or in the laboratory during industrial tasks. The purpose is to asses the risk of spinal injury during a particular task.
  • EMG System Our surface electromyography sensors detect muscle activity through the surface of the skin.
  • Goniometers Body angles hold a large influence when considering musculoskeletal risk factors during work. Goniometers can conveniently be brought into the field and measure precise angles.
  • Isokinetic Dynamometer can be used to measure the strength of different muscle groups as well as range of motion.  The isokinetic dynamometer that we use is a BIODEX system.
  • High Speed Motion Cameras help with video motion analysis and data collection.
  • Pressure Mats & Sensors are used to create a map of pressure distribution to help determine where peak pressure points are located.
  • Dynamometers are used in both the field and the lab and calculate average and peak applied forces as well as duration of force application.
  • Force Plates measure ground reaction forces generated when a body stands or moves across them. Force plates, along with other resources have been used to quantify gait and balance.
  • Pelvic Support Structure is used in conjunction with EMGs to test for maximum muscle strength.
  • Near-Infrared Spectroscopy can be used to measure muscle oxygenation.  This allows a comparison of muscle fatigue under different conditions.