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Childhood and AdolescenceCourses

CAS Approved Classes

Schedule of Classes

List of Approved Courses

College of Letters and Science - at least 6 credits are required

Africol 451 Rites of Passage in Black Societies
Africol 565 Selected Texts/Topics in Africology: Raising Children, "Race-ing" Children
Anthro 446 The Child in Different Cultures

English/Film Studies 212 Intermediate Topics in Film Studies: "Teens on TV"
English/Film Studies 312 Advanced Topics in Film Studies: "Troubled Teens"

Honors 200 Honors Seminar Humanities: The Shaping of the Modern Mind, "Growing Up"
Honors 351 Honors Seminar Social Sciences: "Making Meaning of Children's Play" AND "Exploring the Social Construct of Childhood"

Psych 205 Personality
Psych 560 Developmental Theories
Psych 660 Experimental Child Psychology

Sociol 246 Juvenile Delinquency
Sociol 248 Sociology of Education

Non-Letters and Science Courses - at least 3 credits are required

ComSDis 240 Normal Speech and Language Development
Crm Jst 671 Juvenile Justice

CurrIns 650 Reading Interests of Adolescents
CurrIns 651 Literature for the Young Child

Ed Pol 534 Students at Risk
Ed Pol 580 An Overview of Child/Youth Care
        (jointly offered with ExcEduc 580 & Soc Wrk 580)
Ed Pol 581 Youth Work Practice
        (jointly offered with ExcEduc 581 & Soc Wrk 581)

EdPsy 330 Introduction to Learning and Development
EdPsy 640 Human Development: Theory and Research

ExcEduc 580 An Overview of Child/Youth Care
        (jointly offered with Ed Pol 580 & Soc Wrk 580)
ExcEduc 581 Youth Work Practice
        (jointly offered with Ed Pol 581 & Soc Wrk 581)
ExcEduc 600 Survey of Exceptional Education

HCA 203 Human Life Cycle

L&I Sci 645 Library Materials for Children
L&I Sci 646 Library Materials for Young Adults
L&I Sci 691 Special Topics in Information Science: African American History in Children's Literature, GLBTQ Literature for Young Adults AND Multicultural Children's Literature

Nursing 203 Human Growth and Development Across the Life Span

Public Health 206 Child and Adolescent Health

Soc Wrk 250 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
Soc Wrk 562 Child and Family Services
Soc Wrk 580 An Overview of Child/Youth Care
        (jointly offered with EdPsy 580 & ExecEdu 580)
Soc Wrk 581 Youth Work Practice
        (jointly offered with EdPsy 581 & ExecEdu 581)