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Childhood and Adolescence Certificate

Program Requirements

To obtain the certificate

The student must complete, with a minimum grade point average of 2.50, at least 18 credits in approved childhood and adolescence studies courses. Courses for the certificate may not be taken on a credit/no credit basis.

1. Two core courses are required:

Psych 260 -- Child Psychology, 3 cr
Sociol 448 -- Sociology of Children and Adolescents, 3 cr

Twelve additional credits must be selected from the list of approved courses. Students may petition the CAS advisor committee for approval of appropriate courses not on the approved list.

2. Twelve of the 18 required credits must be earned in residence at UWM. Of these twelve residence credits, nine must be taken at the 300 level or above.

3. Of the 18 required credits, 12 must be in the College of Letters and Science, with at least six of these at the 300 level or above. Three credits must be elected from outside the College of Letters and Science. No more than nine credits from any one department may count toward the Childhood and Adolescence Studies Certificate.

4. A maximum of six credits in Independent Study may count toward program requirements.

Independent study courses focusing on children and adolescents may be accepted with the approval of the Certificate Program Committee. If a core course is not offered in the years an undergraduate student is pursuing the certificate, the student can petition the Certificate Program Committee to accept another course in its stead. Other courses not on this list but relevant to the study of children and adolescents may be accepted with the approval of the Certificate Program Committee.

Credits earned at other institutions equivalent to courses in the certificate program may be accepted in partial fulfillment of the program requirements, subject to review by the Certificate Program Committee. Students currently enrolled at UWM who have fulfilled some of the program’s requirements prior to the program’s approval may have their credits applied retroactively to the certificate program.

Awarding the Certificate

Students currently involved in baccalaureate studies who successfully complete the requirements of the program will be awarded the certificate at the time of graduation. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree will receive the certificate upon completion of the program requirements.

Approved Courses