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Mission Statement
The Center for Advanced Spatial Information Research seeks to position itself as an institution of national prominence in spatial information research by organizing and facilitating collaborative and interdisciplinary research, initiating and conducting focused and clustered research in spatial information and advanced spatial technologies, and organizing local, national and international forums for discussing the latest research results and technological innovations.

Vision and Goals
The Center for Advanced Spatial Information Research encourages, recognizes and facilitates theoretical and applied research by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee scientists and researchers in advanced spatial technologies. The Center disseminates the results of research conducted to the research community as well as to the public and private sectors, sponsors forums to discuss and advance the latest findings and technological innovations in the field, and initiates and facilitates collaborative research among center members and geospatial information scientists throughout the world.

The Center for Advanced Spatial Information Research focuses on cross-disciplinary inquiries in transportation, urban planning, environmental studies and socio-economic studies focusing on such areas as:

  • spatiotemporal data modeling including the modeling of moving objects
  • geospatial information technologies
  • geospatial information mining and visualization
  • image processing
  • Integrating interests and disciplines from across many university departments, CASIR focuses the activities of its affiliated researchers through the lens of Geographic Information Systems.