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CAUPR:  Center for Architecture and Urban Planning Research

CAUPR was established in 1978 to promote, facilitate and coordinate the wide variety of funded research, community service and instructional projects undertaken by the faculty, staff and students of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. To achieve its mission, a faculty Research Committee and a small staff assist SARUP's institutes and research groups, individual faculty, and graduate students in the development, conduct and dissemination of extramurally funded projects and resulting monographs and working papers. Since 1978 SARUP faculty have engaged in over $12 million of extramurally funded projects, which constitute a diverse and multi-disciplinary collection of planning and architecture research. CAUPR recently digitized the  monographs resulting from this research. For information on how to download these works, click on  the publication series link above.

In recent years, CAUPR has also become an incubator for new institutes and research groups. This website includes a complete listing of current and recent research and service projects, which includes projects by the Institute on Aging and Environment, Geographic Information Systems Program, Campus Design Solutions, the Metro-Milwaukee Initiative, the Historic Preservation Institute, the Frank Lloyd Wright Initiative, Institute for Environmental Quality in Architecture,  and  the Center for Advanced Spatial Information Research.

CAUPR allots workspaces and computer stations to funded research projects and to participants in the SARUP Visiting Scholars and Associated Researchers Program. 

Contact: Susan Weistrop, MUP,


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

last updated on December 26, 2006