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Community Design Solutions [CDS]

Director: Robert Greenstreet, Dean, School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Administrative Assistant: Susan Weistrop
Quick Response Team Manager: Alison Kopyt

The goal of Community Design Solutions is to become a system-wide, multidisciplinary network of design-oriented individuals and groups who will work collaboratively with their colleagues and communities to improve and enhance the physical environment of their campuses and neighborhoods. In order to accomplish this, CDS acts as a campus and community clearinghouse to examine physical design issues raised through both official and unofficial sources and generates design alternatives to inform and enrich specific projects. Many of the projects funded by CDS are led by or involve SARUP faculty and students. 

Design Service Projects

Quick Response Team (QRT)
Collaborative design and urban planning projects that draw upon the expertise of UWM faculty, staff and students with the broad purpose of supporting community development and revitalization in the greater Milwaukee community. Community members initiate most of these projects. CDS has created the QRT made up of SARUP graduate and undergraduate students who work with faculty and community groups on time dependent, early stage design or planning projects (e.g. historical research on a particular building, facade and streetscape re-design options, neighborhood visioning, conceptualizing buildings).

Faculty Directed Projects
Other design projects are conceived as research, instruction or service projects by the faculty, who apply to CDS for funding. Examples include: Research and studios on accessibility of campus environment and alternative housing needs; research and studios to develop new strategies and tools for increasing energy efficiency and overall environmental sustainability of buildings in the metro-area; projects to develop visions and preliminary plans for areas ranging from a small restorative garden to the Marquette Interchange, to the Milwaukee River Corridor; renovation, historic preservation and revitalization projects; and, creation of plans and visions for specific structures or buildings..

The Milwaukee Idea Home 
Investigator: Stan Wrzeski

This project has been completed. The Milwaukee Idea Home is located at 726 W. Bruce Street, is owned by Independence First and will be used as a transitional living place for people with disabilities moving from a nursing home to  independent living. The 1200 square foot house is a proto-type plan for an affordable, two story, energy efficient row house. The Milwaukee Idea Home concept was initially created by a studio led by Stan Wrzeski at SARUP. The concept continues to evolve as the City of Milwaukee Housing Authority used the MIH concept to build a 4-unit rowhouse.

For more information about all of the above, visit the CDS website

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last updated on May 03, 2007