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Environmental Quality in Architecture

Faculty: James Wasley, Michael Utzinger and Greg Thomson

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Current and Recent Research

Zero-discharge Zone for UWM Campus: Project to create green roofs, natural water drainage improvements to campus and monitor results for benefit of City, MMSD and campus.
Investigators: James Wasley, Mike Utzinger, Hector Bravo, John Berges, Sandra McClellan
Funding Sources: WeEnergies, MMSD, Community Design Solutions

Sustainable Design Assistance Program
Investigators: James Wasley, D. Michael Utzinger, Greg Thomson
Funding Sources
: MMSD, WeEnergies, UW campuses, WECC, clients

Work with UW System Campuses and others as consultants on green building design and systems monitoring, projects include: Audobon Center of Milwaukee, UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, Aldo Leopold Center, UW-Baraboo

Focus on Energy Program
Investigators: Michael Utzinger, James Wasley,

The Focus on Energy Program, funded by a contribution to the State of Wisconsin treasury by the State's Utilities in lieu of taxes for the purpose of stimulating energy conservation is divided into three administrative areas: Residential, Commercial/Multi-family, Renewables. SARUP faculty are involved in research in all of these areas.

Vital Signs
Investigators: Michael Utzinger, James Wasley
Other Senior Personnel:
Stan Wrzeski, Gil Snyder, Jeffrey Ollswang, Harvey Rabinowitz

Vital Signs is a collaboration among the Energy Foundation, the University of California - Berkeley and sub-contracting campuses nationwide which:
1) Developed resource packages (teaching materials) for the evaluation of building systems.

2) Trains academics nationally to use these materials. 
3) Continues to evaluate and improve the curriculum.

The Vital Signs project encourages not only the use of innovative teaching practices and tools but also student research. Jim Wasley and Michael Utzinger have participated in all phases of this project; creating two resource packages, training and receiving training from their colleagues, using and evaluating their own packages as well as other tools developed from the project. They offer an architecture studio each year, which is designed to apply the techniques and tools of Vital Signs to buildings in the Milwaukee area. Plans are also underway to expand the lighting lab capabilities so that curriculum and research opportunities in that area can be expanded. 

Establishing Environmental Benchmarks
Investigator: James Wasley

Wasley's research attempts to identify the characteristics of ‘green' — environmentally sustainable design — and discover ways to integrate this design into various building types. His recently published work Healthy by Design presents his findings to date. He is also working closed with the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance and State offices to establish environmental rating systems for the construction industry in Wisconsin and incentives for builders and developers to apply these standards in their construction practices.



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last updated on June 25, 2007