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The Frank Lloyd Wright Initiative

Director: Robert Greenstreet
Coordinator: Mark Keane
Others: See listing for Historic Preservation Institute

Established in 1994 with funds donated by Marshall Erdman, Chairman, Marshall Erdman Associates, FLWI's mission is to incorporate the study, preservation and further development of Wright's creations and practices into American architectural practice. Three innovative strategies have been developed to date to achieve this mission Forging a strong relationship between Taliesin East and SARUP students, establishing student studio/laboratory offerings that include field research. And exposure to international experts on Wrightian environments; funding of unique research or design projects by SARUP faculty that add to understanding of Wright or application of his principles.


Current and Recent Research

  • The development of a CD-ROM educational tool, The Geometry of Wright, which will integrate instruction of mathematical principles and design language principles in the study of Wright's work;

  • A collaboration among students, faculty, local preservation groups, and the State, County and City governments to preserve and rehabilitate a whole block in Milwaukee of Wright's American System Built homes; Burnham St., Milwaukee.

  • In-residence studios and field studies between Taliesin East and the SARUP Historic Preservation Studies Program;

  • The development of PR materials and videos in cooperation with the FLW Wisconsin Heritage Program.;

  • Schematic designs prepared by SARUP students for Middleton Hills, a New Town in the Prairie style, for Marshall Erdman Associates.


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

last updated on April 27, 2007