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The Historic Preservation Institute [HPI]

Research Associates: Matt Jarosz, Max Cardillo
Associated Faculty: Brian Wishne

The Historic Preservation Institute [HPI] as well as SARUP's Preservation Studies Program was founded in 1994 by funds from local foundations and individuals concerned about the preservation of Wisconsin's historic buildings and landmarks and the education of architects in this important area. HPI and PSP function as two separate but overlapping entities; one devoted primarily to establishing significant historic preservation research and outreach efforts in Wisconsin and the other devoted to offering an outstanding graduate certificate program in preservation studies. In addition to original research projects, HPI provides communities and local and state preservation organizations with design planning and evaluation services and educational programming and materials. 

Recent Research

Investigators: Max Cardillo, Nancy Hubbard, Matt Jarosz, Mark Keane, James Wasley

  • HPI contracted its services to the Third Ward Historic Preservation Association to assist with design of the Milwaukee Riverwalk south of Michigan Ave and other sites to be located in and around the Third Ward such as a farmer's market.

  • HPI contracted its services to the Cathedral Preservation Foundation on the initial renovation plans for St. John's Cathedral in Milwaukee.

  • HPI also develops programs and materials that educate the public about historic preservation issues and alternative solutions. For the third year the Institute has published a postcard series and will present a program that focuses the attention of the local policy makers and the public on the importance of preserving Milwaukee's historical buildings. In 1996-97 it published the "Ten Most Endangered Buildings in Milwaukee" and also presented a program on alternatives to the Park East spur, which stimulated action on these issues. In 1998-99, a postcard series depicting and describing the landmark buildings of John and Charles Roberts was issued. This year's postcard series, "Ten Most Endangered Buildings 2000," was announced at a program held in the Milwaukee City Hall.

  • SARUP students participate in summer programs in the medieval Umbrian Hill town of San Gemini, Italy. Students combined study with actual work on the restoration of historic sites in this town. They also have an opportunity to tour and study for two weeks in Japan working with Japanese architects from Schools of Architecture in Japan.


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

last updated on May 03, 2007