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SARUP's Publication Series


All publications listed on these webpages are now part of a free digital e-reserve collection of the UWM Golda Meir Library . If you wish to access a publication,

1. Click on the Reserve and E-Reserve link. The e-reserve can be located by selecting either the instructor: Susan Weistrop or the Department: CAUPR off the pull down lists provided on the search page.

 2.You will then see a list of CAUPR publications available on-reserve. Click on #1, *AUPM Electronic reserve monographs.

 3. Scroll down to and click on : E-Items: link to electronic reserve monographs

4. At this point, you will either go directly to the downloads, or it will ask you for a UWM I.D. or a login and password. If the latter, use the username -eres and the password- spring(to match the current semester).

You may also access them by selecting a category listed to the left on this page. There is a link directly to the access page for that monograph  at the top of the page you go to. If you are not on the UWM campus, you will probably be asked for the username and password listed in #4 before you can access the monograph

If you have difficulty accessing the publications, e-mail Susan Weistrop at

The Golda Meir regular reserve and general collections include hard copies of these works as well.

Current titles in Publications in Architecture and Urban Planning cover many areas: facilities for children; architecture and the elderly; facilities studies and design guides; architecture history and theory; urban and community planning and design. environmental and sustainable design; and design for the Moon and Mars.

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP), from its inception, has had a commitment to professional teaching of the highest caliber, to conducting scientific and scholarly research, to conducting community service design and planning projects, and to providing information to the professional community. In 1978 the Center for Architecture and Urban Planning Research was founded to coordinate these research and community service efforts. the findings and recommendations of SARUP research, planning, and design projects and of independent research and scholarly activities conducted by faculty, post-graduate scholars, staff, and advanced graduate students are published through the series.

Many of the publications in this series were created by the still active Institute on Aging and the Environment, the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (now headquartered at UW-Greenbay), and  the Institute on Environmental Quality in Architecture, originally a collaboration with Johnson Controls, Inc, which were established within the School to promote and conduct research in their respective domains.

Titles are also available through the Library of Congress.




last updated on March 04, 2005