Guidelines for Designing Courses


CC courses and projects should aim to utilize teaching and learning methods appropriate to the goals of the program, especially in furthering critical thinking skills and capacities for life-long learning. These methods should reflect an awareness of diverse student backgrounds and learning styles, as well as the value of students working together productively.

In CC we presume students are active participants who collaborate with the instructor, as well as each other, in shaping the learning process and taking responsibility for its results. Instructors should avoid reliance on passive learning models, such as lecturing, in favor of activities that involve students in critical discourse, knowledge production, and interpersonal classroom interaction.

Building bridges between students from different backgrounds should be a goal whenever feasible. Ideally the class will itself become a community of learners. The Program will support instructors exploring innovations in pedagogy and will help disseminate their results as part of its commitment to the scholarship of teaching.