“Multicultural America” 150 Core Course

Multicultural AmericaThe Cultures and Communities Certificate Program is unique in having a core course that is offered by multiple departments. Each department joining the Program has designed a course that covers common issues of race, ethnicity, and diversity using materials and methods from its own disciplinary area.

Thus History 150 might examine the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II by exploring documents and photographs from the 1940s, while English 150 might assign stories and poems by camp survivors, and Art 150 analyze film and videos about it.

All MA 150 classes incorporate a number of CC Learning Goals for students. Currently Multicultural America 150 is offered in the departments of Anthropology, Art and Design, English, Film, History, Sociology, Urban Studies, and Women’s Studies. We welcome proposals for creating new courses in other departments.

Multicultural America FAQ

1. What must the course cover?

MA 150 must fulfill the UWM General Education criteria for “Minority Cultural Diversity in America”. CC asks that each version of MA 150 offer a comparative approach to the experience of multiple ethno-racial groups in the United States. Normally the course also fulfills UWM General Education criteria for one of the divisions (Natural Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts).

2. How is MA 150 related to the Cultures and Communities Certificate Program?

MA 150 is the required Certificate core course. The requirement may be fulfilled with any section of MA 150 from any department. Students often come to MA 150 after learning about the Program by taking other related classes. There is no limit to the number of MA 150 courses in different departments that a student may take.

3. Is Service Learning required in MA 150?

Yes. The standard is 15 hours during the semester. SL placements are normally set up and coordinated by our Institute for Service Learning. Winterim and Summer sections of MA 150 usually do not include a SL component. Online sections of MA 150 during regular semesters include SL.

4. How many students does a typical MA 150 enroll?

This depends on the norms of the department and discipline, but CC prefers that sections be limited to 40 students or less. This is in part because of the extra effort for everyone that Service Learning entails. Most CC classes also involve numerous written reflections that are time-consuming to read and grade.

5. Are there prerequisites for enrollment in MA 150?

No. The course is open to any UWM undergraduate. Sections typically enroll students at every level, since many are seeking to fulfill GER requirements before graduation or have just learned about the CC Certificate Program and want to earn it before graduation.

6. How do I create an MA 150 for my department?

Once you are familiar with the CC program, talk to your department Chair or Undergraduate Director to clarify your department’s process for creating new permanent courses. Meet with the CC staff to review ideas for the syllabus. Study the UWM GER criteria carefully, especially the requirements for documenting assessment on the proposed syllabus. Work with the department to create a Course Approval Request (CAR) form, which must be reviewed by the CC Director. Submit the final CAR form for approval by UWM’s Academic Program and Curriculum Committee.