UWM in New Orleans Katrina Project

An initiative connecting UWM teaching and research with the redevelopment of New Olreans' 9th Ward, including courses on site in New Orleans for UWM students. Projects include UWM Winterim in New Orleans, an annual January mini-course, and the School of Architecture and Urban Planning's fall Studio, which takes students to the city for a week as they create proposals for new buildings and public sites for the city (for more information on the Studio contact Prof. Arijit Sen).

Peneolope ProjectPenelope Project

The Penelope Project is a collaboration among the UWM Center on Age and Community, UWM Theatre Department, Sojourn Theatre, Luther Manor senior living community and the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging. The goal is to improve the quality of life for people who live, work and visit in long-term care settings.


blcBuildings Landscapes Cultures

The BLC collaborative project at UW Milwaukee and Madison introduces an interdisciplinary research track concentrating on the examination of the physical, cultural, and social aspects of the built environment.Studio courses from UWM have involved residencies in post-Katrina New Orleans in which student design teams worked with community members to address neighborhood needs in the built environment.The Fall 2010 results book is here.The BLC blog contains stories and images updating work done in 2011.

March on MilwaukeeMarch on Milwaukee

This award-winning online digital collection presents primary sources from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries and the Wisconsin Historical Society that provide a window onto Milwaukee’s civil rights history. Items include photos, videos, newsreel footage, oral histories, and letters and manuscripts.


TimeSlips is a group process that opens storytelling to people with cognitive challenges by replacing the pressure to remember with the encouragement to imagine.

Hmong Studides Hmong Diaspora Studies

UWM strongly supports efforts to collaborate with the growing and vibrant Hmong community, and has established the first Hmong Diaspora Studies certificate program in the U.S., including study abroad opportunities for students to visit Southeast Asia.

Walnut Way Walnut Way Conservation Corp.

In 2000, this Walnut Way neighborhood redevelopment organization was among the first to receive a UWM Cultures and Communities partnership grant. Now a leading force in Milwaukee, Walnut Way provides many UWM students with outstanding service learning experiences.