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Cultures & Communities Newsletter

Cultures & Communities Brochure, pdf – 795kb


"Service in the City," a 2010 UWM Today cover story on the Institute for Service Learning

“Reading: A Slam Dunk to Success’ Scores Big!” The UWM Report article on the Spring 2007 Literacy Conference for Children (see page 20)

“Cultures and Communities Program Studies Diversity, Reaches Out to Community,” UWM Letters and Science Review Diversity Issue 2004-2005 (includes student testimonials)

"Dance Performance: Giving Voice to the Community," Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning article by Professor Simone Ferro and Meredith Watts on Ferro's Cultures and Communities sponsored work with Dr. Cheryl Ajirotutu and Walnut Way; Spring 2012.

"Publicly Engaged Scholarship in the Humanities, Arts, and Design," a collection of writings depicting the wide range of ways the arts make community, civic, and social change by Jamie Haft.


"Performing Life: Whose Pictures Are Worth One Thousand Words?" By Virginia Kuhn, University of California School of Cinematic Arts. Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture 6.2:2009[discusses the author's experience teaching Milwaukee civil rights history through a service learning assignment in English 150].

"Service Learning, Multicultural Education, and the Core Curriculum: A Model for Institutional Change." By Sharon Adams, Cheryl Ajirotutu, and Gregory Jay. Diversity Digest. A Publication of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. Vol. 10, No. 2 (2007). 9-11.

"Whiteness Studies and the Multicultural Literature Classroom." By Gregory Jay and Sandra Jones. MELUS: Journal of the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States. Summer 2005. Vol. 30, no.

"The Grass Roots Approach to Curriculum Reform: The Cultures and Communities Program." By Gregory Jay and Sandra E. Jones. In Creating a New Kind of University, ed. Nancy Zimpher, Stephen L. Percy, and Mary Jane Brukardt (Anker Publishing, 2005): 92-121.

"Teachers Teaching Teachers: Revitalization in an Urban Setting." By Marsha Kindall-Smith. Music Educators Journal. Nov. 2004, Vol. 91 Issue 2, p41, 6p, 1c.

"Planting a New Kind of Teacher: The Cultures and Communities/MPS Experiment." By Thomas Brown, Gregory Jay, and Darrell Terrell. Metropolitan Universities 13:4 (2002). 33-42.

Online Media and Presentations

“Participatory Archives”
Professor Vicki Callahan, who teaches Film/Art 150 “Multicultural America,” demonstrates how students use multimedia documentation and service learning in their projects.

Presentation on Service Learning and Multicultural Education - 2006 (opens in QuickTime)
By Sharon Adams, President of the Walnut Way Conservation Corp. and former UWM Service Learning Director.