Certificate Requirements

Students must complete 15 credits of Cultures and Communities courses in order to complete the certificate: 3 credits in a section of the required CC core course in addition to 12 credits in CC approved courses. In addition to coursework students must engage in 15-20 hours of community engagement through a Service Learning experience.

The summary below outlines the five areas of the CC Certificate distribution requirements:

Area 1 (core course): Multicultural America (3 credits). Currently offered as English 150, History 150, or Women's Studies 150 (satisfies Humanities and Cultural Diversity GER requirements); Anthropology 150, Sociology 150, or Urban Studies 150 (satisfies Social Sciences and Cultural Diversity GER requirements); or Film 150 or Art 150 (Peck School of the Arts; satisfies Arts and Cultural Diversity GER requirements); Urban Planning 350 (School of Architecture and Urban Planning).

Area 2: Cultures and Communities of the United States (3 credits). Issues and methods in the comparative study of cultures and communities of the U.S. May be fulfilled by appropriate accredited GER or Cultural Diversity courses in any discipline, school, or college. Students may also opt to take a second MA 150 course in another discipline to satisfy their area 2 requirement.

Area 3: Global Perspectives on Culture and Community: (3 credits). Issues and methods in the comparative study of cultures and communities outside North America and Europe. May be fulfilled by appropriate accredited GER courses in any discipline, school, or college or through an appropriate study abroad experience.

Area 4: Art, Culture, and Community: (3 credits). May be fulfilled by courses that relate the theory and production of art (dance, music, visual arts, film, and theater) to cultural and community contexts. Restricted to courses in the Peck School of the Arts except through special petition.

Area 5: Science, Culture, and Society: (3 credits). Includes courses that examine how scientific knowledge may be understood in relation to issues in culture and society. May be fulfilled by enrollment in classes with a Natural Sciences or Social Sciences accreditation.

Community Engagement/Service Learning

Within their course distribution, students will take at least one class with a Service Learning component. The core course (Multicultural America) satisfies this requirement when taken in the fall or spring semesters. For other Service Learning Opportunities see the web site for the Institute for Service Learning.

Students must complete 3 credits in each of the required areas of study. Although there are no requirements regarding the order in which students fulfill the CC certificate it is highly recommended that students begin by taking a section of the core course.

***Students interested in earning the Cultures and Communities Certificate must contact the Cultures and Communities Advisor in order to declare the certificate as a part of their academic plan.

Academic Progress

All students must maintain a Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better and must pass all CC courses with a grade of “C” or better. Failure to comply with course grade requirements will result in students having to either re-take a course or successfully complete another CC affiliated course for the specified area of study.

Transfer credit and course substitutions:

A maximum of six credit hours transferred from another institution of higher education may be applied toward the Cultures and Communities Certificate.  

Course substitutions for non-affiliated course work will be taken into special consideration for courses on an individual appeal basis. Students should speak to the Cultures and Communities Academic Advisor for more information about both transfer credits and the special consideration process.

No substitutions will be made for the CC Core Course or the Community Engagement/Service Learning requirements of the CC certificate program.

Exit Survey

All Cultures and Communities certificate students are required to complete an exit survey upon completion of their required coursework. The assessment process allows CC students to reflect on their experience while providing important information to help improve the program.

The exit survey is conducted online for a limited period of time during the fall and spring semesters. Students who are about to complete or have finished all CC coursework and need to take the exit survey, should contact Professor Robert Smith, smithrs@uwm.edu or 414 229-6327.

Please note: The exit survey is a program requirement. Failure to complete the survey prior to graduation will delay processing of the Cultures and Communities Certificate and potentially lead to removal of the Certificate on the final transcript.