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The Center for Canadian-American Policy Studies

Louise Beaudoin, former Minister of International Relations, Government of Quebec
Louise Beaudoin, former Minister
of International Relations,
Government of Quebec, speaking at
the inaugural seminar of the Center
Relations between Canada and the United States are far more important -- economically, environmentally, culturally, and strategically -- than most Americans realize. Canada is the leading trading partner of the U.S., and the trade between the Canadian provinces and the U.S. states has grown much more rapidly than intra-Canada commerce since the advent of free trade in 1988. Canada is, by far, the leading destination of exports from Wisconsin.

Although the U.S. and Canada are the closest allies, they face policy disputes in several areas. These include: communications and culture, media law, water, and of course, trade.

As similarly developed, G-7 countries, the U.S. and Canada share a number of challenges in the new millennium. Both countries face similar economic policy options in the era of globalization and transition to the new economy. Both Countries are grappling with the problems of delivering affordable health care to aging populations. And both countries face the challenges to sustainable development posed by metropolitan sprawl and urban social problems. Small differences that matter often distinguish Canadian and U.S. Policies in these areas.

Thus, the primary aim of the Center for Canadian American Policy Studies will be to provide research, scholarship, and instruction on the relationship between Canada and the United States and on the critical public policy issues facing both countries.

What is CCAPS

CCAPS is a center for research, teaching, and faculty seminars on Canadian-American policy issues. The Center's primary activities include:
  • Publishing a series of working papers on Canadian-American policy issues to be sent to policymakers, and interested business people on both sides of the border;
  • Holding conferences on issues of Canadian-American public policy, and bringing in speakers on Canadian-American issues in Wisconsin;
  • Facilitating research and instructional exchanges between UWM and Canadian Universities for faculty and students;
  • Offering courses on Canadian studies topics in the UWM curriculum
  • Providing a sabbatical base for Canadianists from anywhere in the world to teach at UWM as well as work on research;
  • Offering a certificate program in Canadian Studies to UWM Students.
CCAPS faculty, visiting scholars, and staff focus their research efforts in six major policy areas:
  • Communications and Media Policy
  • Language and Cultural Policy
  • Economic and Urban Development
  • Trade Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Comparative Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations


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