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School Year Institute 2013-2014

General Documents

Syllabus PDF Document
Homework and project timeline PDF (Please note that changes may be made to this schedule, as deemed necessary by the course facilitators.)
Homework Rubric PDF
Plan-Teach-Reflect Rubric PDF

Session 14: May 7, 2014
Project Showcase

Session 13: April 2 2014
Session 13 slides PPTX

A Spectrum of Applied Mathematics Word


Session 12: March 19, 2014
Session 12 slides PPTX

Engage NY Grade 8 Mathematics Module 3: Similarity

Teacher Materials:

Student Materials:

Copy Ready Materials:


Session 11: March 5, 2014
Session 11 slides PPTX

Session 10: February 19, 2014
Session 10 slides PPTX
Link to Engage New York Algebra II (module 1) overview and assessments

Session 9: January 22, 2014
Session 9 slides PPTX
The Cycle Shop task PDF (NYC Department of Education)
The Cycle Shop student work PDF

Session 8: December 18, 2013
Project Showcase

Session 7: December 4, 2013
Session 7 slides PPTX

Session 6: November 20, 2013
Session 6 slides PPTX
Case Story Protocol PDF (Adapted from "Inquiry into Mathematics teacher Education 2008," by Hughes, Smith, Boston & Hogel)
Sample Lesson Plan Template 1 DOCX
Sample Lesson Plan Template 2 DOCX

Session 5: November 6, 2013
Session 5 slides PPTX
TLLP Protocol  PDF

Session 4: October 30, 2013
Session 4 slides PPTX
Video Note Taking Sheet  DOCXPDF
Graphs of Functions PDF
Construction Conjectures PDF

Session 3: October 16, 2013
Session slides PPTX
Julie's Doghouse PDFDOCX
Julie's Doghouse student work PDFDOCX
Reading: "Open-ended Questions and the Process Standards," by Wendy Sanchez. (Please ask an instructor for a copy if you did not receive one in class.)

Session 2: October 2, 2013
Session slides PPTX
SBAC Claims handout PDFPPT
SBAC Sample Items PDFPPT
Reading: "Responding to Students' Work on a Rich Task," by Kuper & Kumani. (Please ask an instructor for a copy if you did not receive one in class.)

Session 1: September 18, 2013
Session slides PPTX
Supermarket Carts Task PDF
Reflection Sheet DOCX
High School Task Sort PDF 
(From Smith, M.S., Stein, M.K., Arbaugh, F., Brown, C.A., & Mossgrove, J. (2004), Characterizing the cognitive demands of mathematical tasks: A task-sorting activity. In Bright, G. & Rubenstein, R.N. (Eds.), Professional Development Guidebook for Perspectives on the Teaching of Mathematics: Sixty-Sixth Yearbook (p. 69). Reston, VA: NCTM.
High School Task Sort Key PDF
Levels of Demand PDF
Reading: "Mathematics Performance Assessment: A New Game for Students," by Shannon & Zawojewski. (Please ask an instructor for a copy if you did not receive one in class.)

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