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Resources for Employers

In your competitive industry or marketplace, you are certainly looking for candidates who can add significant value to your organization. UWM students are prepared! They have a unique balance of academic knowledge and experiential learning. Most graduates have had internships and work experience that can meet your employment needs in a variety of technical, medical, business, service, educational and creative settings.

Whether you participate in our on-campus recruitment program, attend our career days/fairs or post available positions, our office provides the individualized attention that your organization may need to successfully recruit students from the following schools/colleges at UWM:
If your hiring needs are specific to only majors in the Lubar School of Business (414-229-5445) or the College of Engineering and Applied Science (414-229-3208), please contact their career offices for further assistance.

We look forward to a successful partnership that will connect you to UWM students and alumni.