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Recruiting Tips for UWM Career Days/Job Fairs

Our career days / job fairs are publicized campus-wide. It is our goal to offer opportunities to job seekers as well as to provide career information for all majors. As a participant in this event, you may encounter an undeclared freshman seeking career information or advice or a senior graduating with a degree in psychology who is seeking career opportunities within your organization.  

Many of our students may behave like most other college students at these events. They may wander around for a while with a friend and then decide to leave. They may also feel intimidated and nervous about starting a conversation with a stranger. Some students will be carrying backpacks, have no resume and may not be dressed in professional attire. The CDC works hard to help students at all levels (freshmen through seniors) get the most out of these events. However, we depend upon you, to generate interest in your organization and to have meaningful conversations with our students. Sharing personal career information and the typical steps to success is a great way to connect with students.

If you are attending a career day / job fair simply to build a candidate pool, please express that to the students or alumni. Otherwise, if you are attending these events because you actually have jobs to fill, provide information about your selection process. This will help to build trust with our students and alumni because they will know what to expect ahead of time.

Student attendance varies throughout the day. Traditionally, the heaviest traffic is just before and after the lunch hour. We encourage you to stay until the publicized closing time that we advertise to our students. Though the last hour may have less traffic, many of our students who have other commitments can only come during that time and will be disappointed if they miss you.