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Clarify Your Interests, Values, and Skills
& Identify Matching Careers

A building is only as strong as its foundation. Identifying your interests, skills, values and personality preferences is the foundation for choosing majors/careers, effective career planning and successful job seeking. Matching careers to what you have identified as important before beginning your career research helps you stay focused.

Online Self-Exploration Tools & Career Assessments
Inventories and worksheets focused on exploring your interests, values, and skills as well as identifying external factors influencing your career decision making and generating lists of potentially matching careers.

Two Credit Course - Planning Your Major and Career

Twelve sections offered in the fall and spring semesters.

Personalized Career Planning Assistance
Available to students by appointment.

Strong Interest Inventory
A formal assessment tool that is available only to UWM students for a $10 fee. The Strong Interest Inventory assesses your career interests by comparing your likes and dislikes to professionals employed in various careers. To take this inventory you must first make an appointment with a CDC counselor.