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"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living."
Gail Sheey

Online Self Exploration Tools & Career Assessments

We recommend that you print your answers and results from these assessments to refer to later and to discuss with a CDC counselor. These are only some of the resources available for self-exploration and career matching. Depending on your own career planning needs, a CDC counselor car refer you to additional resources. Before using online career assessments, read 7 Rules for Career Tests. The CDC does not endorse the following assessments as formal testing measures.

Career Inventories and Assessments

  • Skills Identification. Rate your skills according to how much you would like them to be a part of your career. Obtain a list of occupations that match with links to short and detailed descriptions. Takes 10-15 minutes.
  • Values Card Sort. Identify which values are most important, somewhat important, and not important to you in a career.
  • Personality Type. Identify your style of interacting with the world around you.Takes 5-10 minutes. Based on the MBTI.

CDC Self Exploration Worksheets

  • Career Poll - Ever thought about asking those who know you best what careers they can see you in?
  • My External Influences/Factors - Explore external influences that may have had an impact on your career choices, beliefs, and identify development.
  • Career & Life Values Worksheet - Rank and prioritize values that you most want as part of your career.
  • Career & Life Skills Inventory - Identify which skills you have, which ones you enjoy using, and those that you want to develop.
  • Skill Categories and Lists- Learn the differences between context, transferable, and personal skills and examine lists of specific skills. It is recommended that you use these lists for the following skill worksheets.
  • Where Do I Get My Skills From? - Begin to identify the aspects of your life in which you have developed skills.
  • Success Stories - Identify your skills through examining your big and little accomplishments.