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Making the Most of Your Internship
After It's Over

Whew!  You did a great job at your internship, but wait, it’s not over yet!  An opportunity many students miss is making the most of their internship AFTER it’s over.       

Tie up loose ends. If you are taking an internship for academic credit, make sure all assignments are completed and supervisor and site evaluations are turned in. Professors need this information to grade your internship.

Evaluate your experience. Most students enjoy their internship experience—the excitement of the new experience, gaining new skills, meeting new people and growing their network.  Sometimes students do not enjoy their experience.  Write down in a journal or in some other format what you learned, liked and disliked.  Reflect on how the internship helped you develop and what your next steps will be.  Talk about these with a Career Advisor at the Career Development Center or academic advisor.  Evaluating what you enjoyed and did not enjoy is a HUGE step in your career development.

Update your resume and any professional profiles online with your internship experience. Take a look at examples included in the Resume Writing Guide to help you. Then come to the Career Development Center’s Express Lane to have it critiqued.

Complete another skills assessment. Evaluate what skills you have attained and what skills you would still like to gain.

Look for another internship or start your career search. Inquire within the organization you interned at and let people know you are actively pursuing another opportunity. Continue to network to capitalize on the skills gained and build new skills.

If your experience was positive with your supervisor and co-workers, inquire about the possibility of using them as a professional reference. This gives you an opportunity to continue to stay in touch with your supervisor, co-workers and intern peers. Even if you do not get a reference, stay in touch to keep everyone you met updated on professional progress.

Throughout this whole process, UWM’s Career Development Center is here to help you. Please visit us during Express Lane or schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor.  More information about the CDC is here.

If you are a student in the Lubar School of Business, you can also take advantage of business-specific career services through the Lubar Career Services Center.  More information is at Lubar Career Services Center website.

If you are a student in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, you can also take advantage of engineering-specific career services through the CEAS Career Services office.  More information is at the CEAS Career Services website.