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Using the Web to its Full Potential: The Art & Science of Job Search

PowerPoint with Audio Presentation
Copyright 2008

This online workshop will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the job hunting process from preparation to goal setting through job search strategies and interviewing. The target audience is undergraduate students who are looking for full-time opportunities, but students pursuing internships and summer jobs as well as alumni in the middle of career change or job search challenges may also find it useful.

Each part has its own unique value and you may choose one which best meets your needs. However, viewing all 3 parts consecutively either at one time or over time will maximize your knowledge and skills.

Slides within the three parts contain links to websites, articles, and worksheets. Links will open in a new browser window, however, the slideshow will continue to play. Therefore, it is recommended that you pause that slideshow before clicking on a link.

Play Part 2 - Developing Your Tools (9 minutes)

Learn about resumes, personal statements/commercials and CDC resources.

Links and worksheets referred to in part 2 of the workshop:

Play Part 3 - Marketing and Connecting to Employers (27 minutes)

Learn about effective job search strategies, interviewing skills, and negotiating and evaluating job offers.

Links and worksheets referred to in part 3 of the workshop:

Copyright 2008 - All slides, audio, and worksheets for the Art & Science of Job Search: Using the Web to its Full Potential have been developed by the UWM Career Development Center for UWM students and alumni.