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UWM Library Corridor

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Oconomowoc Waterfront
Recently Completed, CDS worked on design concepts for the Waterfront Development in Oconomowoc.


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Community Design Solutions

"Community Design Solutions represents a unique opportunity to bring together the best minds from the University and the surrounding neighborhoods to focus on their collective insight on the physical issues that affect our everyday life"
- Robert Greenstreet, CDS Founder and UWM School of Architecture & Urban Planning Dean

In 2000, CDS was founded by UW-Milwaukee as a provider of preliminary design and planning services to underserved Wisconsin communities and a promoter of research and instruction concerning public interest planning and architecture. Its goals are to

  • Be a Catalyst for positive physical change in areas with insufficient access to design and planning services
  • Form Partnerships that promote our mission
  • Stimulate funding & construction where they are most needed
  • Research, Inform & Improve the existing design and construction process

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School of Architecture & Urban Planning
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