Service Requests

Please follow the five steps below if you are interested in working with CDS.

Step #1
Submit the attached Request for Service form at least 2 months before you will need our service.

Request for Services, pdf

Step #2
You will be contacted either by e-mail or phone as soon as possible to let you know if your project fits CDS priorities and schedule. If it does, she will set up a face to face meeting.

Step #3
You will meet with the CDS administrator, one of the graduate students who head our service team and, if necessary, resource people. This meeting is usually held at the site of the potential project. A general scope of the project, timeline and costs will be discussed.

Step #4
You will then receive a draft of Letter of Understanding, which contains the scope of work, budget and responsibilities of Client and CDS, for your comments or signature.

Step #5
Once you and the CDS administrator have signed the LOU, the graduate student/project manager will contact you to start work.