Master of Science in Engineering Concentration in Biomedical Engineering: Ergonomics, Musculoskeletal Biomechanics & Rehabilitation Track

This track is designed to provide the fundamental principles of musculoskeletal biomechanics and ergonomic design principles applied to injury prevention and rehabilitation. The curriculum offers a solid foundation in a wide variety of areas ranging theoretical principles, laboratory testing for industrial and clinical applications, as well as practical implementation. The program offers necessary knowledge to effectively design equipment, tasks, work environments and systems to maximize performance, comfort, job satisfaction and productivity while minimizing the risk of injury. Part of the unique aspects of the UWM’s biomedical tracks is that the courses are not only limited to engineering. Students will be taking courses in occupational therapy, biological sciences, and kinesiology; giving graduates an expanded view of the newest research in ergonomics. Graduates of this track have the opportunity to work for manufacturing organizations, insurance companies, conducting government research, and health care organizations.

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Track Course Requirements:

  • Prior to enrollment, students should have completed at least 3 credits  in anatomy of  the musculoskeletal system (Student may take BIO SCI 202 or a similar 3-credit course) or obtained consent of program director for the track. 
  • Students must take at least 6 credits from Group A.
  • Thesis option students must take at least 18 credits combined from Group A and Group B.
  • Non-thesis option students must take at least 24 credits combined from Group A and Group B.
  • Students need to have at least 2, but no more than 3 credits of IndEng 880
  • The remaining credits may be taken as free electives.

Group A

Ind Eng 580 Introduction to Ergonomics 3 cr U/G
Ind Eng 584 Research Methods in Biodynamics of Human Motion 3 cr U/G
OccThpy 625 Design & Disability 3 cr U/G

Group B

Ind Eng 880 Bioengineering Seminar OR OccThpy 741 1 cr U/G
Ind Eng 582 Ergonomic Job Analysis Techniques 3 cr U/G
Ind Eng 780 Advanced Ergonomics - Low Back Pain 3 cr G
Ind Eng 783 Advanced Ergonomics in Upper Extremity 3 cr G
Ind Eng 786 Applied Biostatistics in Ergonomics 3 cr G
Ind Eng Research Methods 3 cr G
Ind Eng Advanced Instrumentation in Ergonomics/Biomechanics 3 cr G
HMS 520 Advanced Biomechanics 3 cr U/G
HMS 521 Pathoetiology of Musculoskeletal Injury 3 cr U/G
HMS 522 Qualitative Analysis of Human Movement 3 cr U/G
HMS 725 Interdisciplinary Themes in Biomechanics 3 cr G
OccThpy 593 Introduction to Biomedical and Rehabilitation Instrumentation 3 cr U/G
OccThpy 701 Advanced Measurement and Instrumentation in Health Care 3 cr G