Non Degree Candidate Registration

Dear Prospective Student:

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree and would like to enroll in graduate courses but are not sure about pursuing a graduate degree, enroll as a Graduate Special Student (Non Degree Candidate). Many of the courses leading towards the various master’s degrees and the doctoral degree are offered in the late afternoon or evening; thus students can complete much of their coursework on a part time basis.

Follow the easy steps below to enroll as a non-degree student and to register for classes:

Apply for admission as a non-degree student

  • Application will be processed in 2-3 business days. The applicant receives acknowledgement, a student ID number and e-Panther ID for e-mail.
  • New Users: Register for a Login ID and Password (Demo version allows applicant to try without submitting the application)


Engineering and Computer Science Courses

Register for classes

  • Quicklinks PAWS (Panther Access to Web Services) and begin to register for classes
  • As a special student, courses can be taken upon approval of the individual instructor

Help is always available by calling 229-4040 – The Student Help Desk.

Will Credits taken as Special (NDC) Student transfer into a Graduate Program?
If you decide to apply to the masters program, the maximum number of transfer credits allowable is the higher of (a) 12 semester credits or (b) 40% of the total number of credits required for graduation. To qualify, the work must meet the following criteria:

  • Graduate level, from an accredited institution
  • Taken within five years of admission to the UWM degree program
  • Not have been used to meet previous degree requirements
  • Grade of B or better (B- is not acceptable)
  • Approved by your graduate program unit

For more information, including requirements for the PhD program, contact the Engineering Graduate Program Office at 229-6169 or e-mail