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Service to Industry

The College of Engineering & Applied Science offers many resources and services to our business partners. Whether you are interested in the research of a faculty member or the work of a particular lab or center, we would be happy to discuss how CEAS can partner with your organization.

For more information and to explore opportunities to work with the college, please contact:

Michael J. Krauski
Director of Corporate Relations
College of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
EMS Building Room E371F
3200 N. Cramer Street
Milwaukee, WI 53211-3029
Office: (414) 229-6772

Center for ErgonomicsTraining Services

  • Ergonomics training for industrial engineers, plant managers, and health care providers in industry
  • Employee MSD symptom and hazard recognition training
  • Customized presentations for business meetings and seminars
Consulting Services
  • Detailed job assessments that evaluate ergonomics risk factors
  • Job design/redesign
  • Ergo program implementation
  • Zero-Lift program implementation for nursing homes and hospitals
  • Equipment and product testing

Industrial Engineering DepartmentSupply Chain and Logistics Services
  • Optimal routing
  • Distribution of goods
  • Disaster management
  • Warehouse organization and optimization
Lean Manufacturing
  • Integration with ergonomics programs
  • Design of production systems
  • Facility layout, design, and organization

Mechanical Engineering Department

Vehicle and engine analysis (Dr. John Reisel)

  • Emission testing of both vehicle and stand-alone engines
Energy Analysis (Dr. John Reisel)
  • Recommendations¬†for industry to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs
Mechatronics and Control Systems (Dr. Yaoyu Li)
  • Control, optimization, and health monitoring of mechanical systems
  • HVAC systems control, diagnostics, and optimization
  • Power management of hybrid vehicles
  • Wind energy systems control and health monitoring
  • Diagnostics and prognostics
  • Robotics