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Status during term of the proposed appointment

Information used to provide appropriate paperwork with an offer

Please click on the submit button only once, and wait for the response. Multiple clicks will result in multiple submissions.

*) Please state clearly your contact information between now and the term you are seeking an appointment. Include e-mail, phone number(s), and fax number as available. You are responsible to check e-mail to see if/when we make an offer and respond by deadline given. If unable to do that, you must make arrangements with the CE&M Chair (or Office Manager) for timely contact with you.

**) The Internet-based TOEFL (the IBT) is being offered in most countries now, so please encourage prospective teaching assistants to take this form of the TOEFL. A score of 23 is the same as a 3.0 on TAST, the separately administered Speaking Section of the IBT offered by our program here at UWM. Provide official copy of score.

3.0 and above (TAST) or 50 (SPEAK) sufficient
2.5 to 3.0 (TAST) or 45 (SPEAK) OK and requires attendance at a class, closer supervision, etc.
NOTE: lower that 2.5 (TAST) or 45 (SPEAK) is insufficient for an TA appointment.