Computer Science Degree Programs

The Computer Science department at the College of Engineering and Applied Science offers academic programs leading to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Computer Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering.

Computer Science Major. The Computer Science offers numerous elective courses which allow students to work towards different areas of concentration.

Computer Science Minor. The computers science minor is directed towards those students wishing to develop some strength and background in computer science.

Computer Engineering. This program is jointly managed by the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department. Please visit the Computer Engineering site for more information.

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (AMCS) is a special degree intended to give students advanced knowledge and skill in the technical fields that require skills in both analytical math and computer science. It contains in-depth study in two colleges, yet the degree retains the flavor of a liberal arts degree through humanities and social science course requirements that go beyond the minimal required by the University’s general education requirements. The computer science course work will both strengthen the application of mathematics in problem solving and, in turn, be enhanced by the analytical skills acquired through the applied math course work.